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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Menus

I don't have a PDF version of my menu, what should I do?
Most software you create your menus in should have the ability to export into a PDF format.  However, if you have a menu that isn't in PDF format, use this website - - to convert it to a PDF. Once converted, download the PDF to your desktop.  Take that PDF file and upload it to your BarPay digital menu dashboard.

How do I change my menu?
If you make changes to your menu, YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT A NEW QR CODE. Simply upload a PDF of your new menu to your Barpay digital menu dashboard, and the new menu will automatically and immediately be displayed through the already existing QR code you had been previously displayed.

How do I add multiple menus?

With our paid plan you can manage as many menus as you like. If you already have a paid plan, you will need to upload your "Main Menu" first.  Then, you will have access to the "edit" feature.  That will allow you create, update, and delete menus.  Many customers need the flexibility of offering multiple menus, like "Dinner", "Specials", or an ever changing "Draft Beer" list.

Can I change the Main Menu name?

Not at this time.  The Main Menu is the default option and its name can not be edited.

If I have multiple menus, do I need multiple QR codes?

No! You only need one QR code. When customers scan your code, they will have the option to select the menu they'd like to view.

What do customers do with the QR code?
Customers scan the QR code with their phone's default camera. Doing so will open a link to your menu on the customer's phone.

How should I display my QR code?
Depending on your state's regulations, consider adding the QR code to table side material like table tents, or uploading the QR code to a TV screen via a USB flash drive. Additionally, you can laminate the code and secure it to your tables.

What if the QR code isn't working?

If customers are scanning the code and nothing is happening, re-upload a PDF of your current menu to your Barpay digital menu dashboard. If the problem persists, contact

Why is there an advertisement?
Barpay offers digital menus to venues for free.  We have reserved space for relevant brands to advertise through the Barpay website that hosts your venue's digital menu.

Can I change the advertisement?
No, but if you have a concern about the advertisement please contact

Can I eliminate the advertisement?

If you don't want any advertisements or want to display your own advertisement, you will need to purchase the digital menu paid plan.



Is it a free app?

Yes it is!

How do I know my payment information is safe?

All payment related information is stored on validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Servers.  In other words… we NEVER actually see, store, or handle your sensitive info.  Instead, it is passed directly to our payment service provider, Braintree.  Braintree is owned by Paypal and processes payments for some of the largest tech companies in the world...  Uber, Airbnb, and Stub Hub to name a few.

How does the ordering process work?

Just add some items to your order, input your table number, and it will be delivered directly to your table.  If you’re not at a table select "Pick up at Barpay Station." Each bar is equipped with at least one Barpay "service mat," so just look for the big blue mat that says Barpay at the bar.  Once there, simply show the bartender your order #.

How much is the SmartTip?

It depends on the order total but typically it ranges from 15%-25%.

Why is the tip automated?

We've automated this to ensure that servers receive a respectable tip and also to allow you to walk out on your tab.  Our patent pending technology lets you exit the venue without ever needing to revisit the Barpay application.  Just leave, with your phone in your pocket, and the tab will be paid automatically.  We'll even send you a notification once it's paid!

Can I leave an additional tip?

Of course...

What if there is something wrong with my order?

Simply let your server know what the problem is and that you are using Barpay and they will help you out.

What if my service is terrible and I don’t want to leave the SmartTip?

Our mission is to make sure you never have a bad experience.  However, we understand there are instances that will occur that warrant a complaint.  If this happens to you, simply let the manager know and they will make sure you are taken care of. If all else fails reach out directly to us at


How much does it cost?

We will match or beat your current processing rate. Complete transparency.  Get all the benefits of Barpay without creating an additional expense. 

Am I paying Barpay's processing rate on top of what I am currently paying in processing fees?

Nope!  Every Barpay transaction is completely independent of your current payment processing fees.

How exactly are you able to match or beat my processing?

That is a great question!  The answer is, it is part of our secret sauce.  Just know that we can and will process at, or below, what your are currently processing at.

How do you integrate with our current POS system?

We currently do not integrate into your system for several very well thought out reasons:

Our process is more streamlined than traditional POS systems and makes for a more automated approach to doing business.

The future is in “The Cloud.” Traditional POS systems are very antiquated pieces of software, they lack aesthetics, and require training to use.

By eliminating the time that bartenders/servers spend at the POS, Barpay gives them more time to fulfill orders.  This additional time increases the velocity of sales and directly benefits your bottom line.

If you don't integrate... How do I account for sales and inventory?

Our "End of Night" report provides everything you need to get Barpay sales into your existing POS system.  This includes: Gross Sales, Net Sales, Comps, Voids, Discounts, Tips Owed, and Quantities sold all at the item level. This prints automatically at the end of each night. Instead of losing all of that time when your venue is busy, treat Barpay's report like your last customer of the night!

How do my servers/bartenders get tipped?

Barpay’s “SmartTip™” is a carefully constructed formula that guarantees your servers and bartenders get a respectable tip (typically between 15%-20%) on every Barpay transaction.  Customers can also leave an additional tip of their choice for exceptional service.

When do I get paid?

Unlike many standard credit card processing companies who hold your money for weeks, Barpay will direct deposit into your account within 48 hours!


Is there any setup?

The only setup required for Barpay to function in your bar or restaurant is to configure the printers we provide for you.  By coupling one of the largest printer company's most advanced pieces of technology with our own, it provides a seamless way to get up and running very quickly.

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