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Menus. Simple. Fast. Free.

With no app to download, no hardware to install, and a zero headache setup experience, you can have your new PDF based QR code menu setup in 3 minutes or less!

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Venue owners trust Barpay with their QR code menus


Estimated savings per month in menu printing cost

50 Million+

Millions of customer scans across the network


Contactless Digital Menus

Say goodbye to printing menus every day. Offer your customers a safe, secure, and pain free way to view your menu from their own mobile device.

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Your demo menu is now live! Go ahead and give it a try by scanning the QR code with your phone's camera and then clicking the link that pops up!


Hold tight... we're doing some magic!


The world can be a scary place. Give customers peace of mind with a menu on their own device.


Update your menu in real time without needing to replace the QR codes you already have displayed.


Printing menus regularly can be costly and taxing on the environment. Go digital!

Hassle Free

Our solution was built to eliminate the headache... not create one. Be up in running in minutes!

Smart Link

Smart Link, combined with our contactless digital menu solution, allows you to manage your menu updates from one place.  Simply add the link to your store's website (one time), when you update your digital menu on Barpay, it gets deployed to your in-venue QR code menus and updates your website's menu.

Multiple Menus? No Problem.

Maybe you want to display a specials menu or an ever changing draft beer list. With any Paid Plan you can manage as many menus as you'd like with only one QR code to print. That's right... one QR code, many menus. Watch below as we create a new account and add three new menus in roughly 60 seconds.


Custom Group Pricing

If you own or manage a hospitality group and would like to deploy ad-free QR code digital menus across all of your locations, please contact us directly so we can better understand your needs and come up with a pricing plan that works for your business.

Static Codes

Don't need all the bells and whistles? Check out the free static QR code menu template generator. Turn any website or link into print ready templates in seconds.

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